D.Gray-man Fanfics

Inner Feelings
Summary: A compilation of one shots of the characters thoughts and feelings during their time in Noah’s Ark.
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Before Allen Came
Summary: What was is it like before D. gray man? The unknown story of the exorcists before Allen entered the scene.Story is based on plausible answers to some unanswered questions. Chapter 15:When Allen came
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The Strongest
Summary: One-shot. 0Written out of boredom.0 The path to become one of the strongest members of the Black order. No, not the Exorcists, but a part of the medical team.
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Supervisor’s Office
Summary: Rewritten and edited for momosportif and Sarahfreak’s D Gray Man writing contest. Komui’s thoughts during the Noahs arc
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Black Flower and Butterfly
Summary: Short story about the childhood days of the two Asian Exorcists, from the day they met until Komui’s arrival.
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Broken Window
Summary: oOnce more, written out of boredem o Written according to the theme “rooms” That contest thing by Sarahfreak and Momo But this will not be submitted as contest material. Whose room, you ask? Kanda’s. No pairings of any sort.
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Pages from the Black Order Diary
Summary: A collection of short stories relating to anything and everything in D.Gray Man, minimal pairings, mostly about friendship.
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