Release of Shen Yi Du Fei on Discord

For those who do not know yet, I’ve been translating the sequel of Shen Yi Di Nu for around half a year already. It’s not released on my WordPress because I want to avoid having to take everything down in case this series gets licensed too.

神医毒妃 /Shen Yi Du Fei (Divine Doctor: Poisonous Consort) focuses on Feng Yuheng’s friend from the Bai family who specialises in poison but also knows medical skills because Feng Yuheng taught her before. The Bai family is also an ancient family like the Feng family.

If you would like to read the series, you can join my Discord group Mittens Translations. The invite to the Discord is at the side panel of my site as always.


Release of Shen Yi Di Nu on Babel Novels

I was just informed by Babel Novels that Chapters 1 to 1152 are now on Babel Novels at the following link

Chapters 1 to 30 are free to read, Chapter 31 onward will be paid chapters. They are now contacting websites with English SYDN chapters and asking them to take the chapters down.

For those who have not caught up with the latest chapters, you can read the chapters here. I don’t know how the quality of the future chapters after 1152 will be since I will not take part in those, but please support official releases.

Removal of Shen Yi Di Nu Chapters

As part of the agreement with the licensing company, I have to remove the chapters from my website within 2 weeks. As such, I will start deleting the SYDN chapters, starting from the oldest chapter 1025, from tomorrow onwards.

Thank you everyone for all your support until now. Make sure to join my Discord server for further updates.

Edit: All the chapters and chapter announcements have all been removed from my WordPress now. I will make another announcement when I get informed on the posting of the series on Babel Novels.

Kuroko no Basuke Fanfics

Unexpected Surprises
Summary: Kagami gets unexpected company at Maji burger during a late night supper and gets a few surprises.
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Rise and Fall
Summary: The Rise and Fall of the Generation of Miracles. A multi-chapter fanfic.
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Unexpected Surprises: The Beginnings
Summary: Can be seen as a prequel to Unexpected Surprises, or as a standalone story.
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Summary: Being a manager of the Teikou Basketball Club isn’t easy. There are a lot of things to handle, jealous fans included. Luckily, she’s not alone.
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Moving On
Summary: Set after Rakuzan loses to Seirin in the Winter Cup. Contains hints of domestic violence. Rated T to be safe.
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Inter High School Camp
Summary: After the Winter Cup, a Inter High School Camp was organised for Seirin, Kaijou, Shuutoku, To-ou, Yosen and Rakuzan to attend. Other than for the basketball club members from each school to interact, it is also a plan for the GoM and Kuroko to patch up. With so much effort put in, failure is not accepted.
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The Tale of Two Mothers
Summary: Two sisters who became mothers. Two sons who were separated from their mothers when they were 10. This is their story. Situated in the same story verse as Inter High School Camp
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D.Gray-man Fanfics

Inner Feelings
Summary: A compilation of one shots of the characters thoughts and feelings during their time in Noah’s Ark.
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Before Allen Came
Summary: What was is it like before D. gray man? The unknown story of the exorcists before Allen entered the scene.Story is based on plausible answers to some unanswered questions. Chapter 15:When Allen came
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The Strongest
Summary: One-shot. 0Written out of boredom.0 The path to become one of the strongest members of the Black order. No, not the Exorcists, but a part of the medical team.
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Supervisor’s Office
Summary: Rewritten and edited for momosportif and Sarahfreak’s D Gray Man writing contest. Komui’s thoughts during the Noahs arc
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Black Flower and Butterfly
Summary: Short story about the childhood days of the two Asian Exorcists, from the day they met until Komui’s arrival.
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Broken Window
Summary: oOnce more, written out of boredem o Written according to the theme “rooms” That contest thing by Sarahfreak and Momo But this will not be submitted as contest material. Whose room, you ask? Kanda’s. No pairings of any sort.
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Pages from the Black Order Diary
Summary: A collection of short stories relating to anything and everything in D.Gray Man, minimal pairings, mostly about friendship.
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Hataraku Maou-sama! Fanfics

A Story of a Foolish Angel
Summary: Alas Ramus wants Lucifer to tell her a story. He tells her a story about a foolish angel.
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Apologies and Thanks
Summary: The hero, Emilia, attempts to thank Lucifer for helping her. (Takes place post-Sariel kidnapping incident and during the Sales person scam arc. i.e. last episode of the anime, Vol 7 of the light novel or Chapter 25-26 of the manga)
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Research Notes
Summary: Emeralda delves into the mind of her comrade, Olba Meyers and finds out about his motivations and why he did what he did. Includes Olba’s observations of Emilia, Lucifer and other angels. Based off vol 11 of the light novel. Rated T just to be safe. Implied abuse? A teensy bit disturbing?
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Summary: Chiho is convinced by a friend to investigate the school attic. What she finds there, together with a mysterious recording, tells her that what happened there is related to Ente Isla.
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Angel Laws
Summary: Small scenes about Lucifer’s interactions with Gabriel and other angels. Based on the events in Volume 3, 5 and 8 of the novel. Novel contents are explained within, so beware of spoilers.
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Win Win Situation
Summary: Faced with a huge amount of udon left over from her failed poisoning attempts, Suzuno decided the best way to get rid of them before they expire was to feed them to the person who is most unaffected by it.
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Summary: When Urushihara woke up in the hospital, he got a huge shock due to the change in his appearance. Based off events in Volume 11 of the novel.
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Holding Back
Summary: Urushihara asks Emi why she failed to kill him during the Ente Isla war. Set after the conclusion of the battle in Volume 4 of the novel.
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Summary: After the incident with Lucifer in Vol 1, Emi wants to know the reason why Maou still keeps the fallen angel around. Maou explains.
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The Two Best Stores in the World
Summary: With a small amount of money left and needing to buy clothes and other necessities after being stranded in Japan, Maou and Ashiya discovered the existence of the two best stores in the world.
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The Day After
Summary: A short story talking about what happens the day after Olba and Lucifer are defeated in Volume 1 of the novel. Includes a trip to the nearby bath house.
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Summary: Based off information from Vol 12. Everyone assembles in the landlady’s house for a meeting. However, putting Gabriel in the same room as Acies=Ara and Alas=Ramus was not a good idea.
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Summary: People change over time, and Chiho takes the chance to express her gratitude to the one who saved the lives of her friends and herself. Based off events in Volume 8.
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Summary: As Ashiya cleans out the closet to prepare for the colder weather, Alas=Ramus finds the mantles they had worn when they were demons. General Alas=Ramus cuteness.
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Winter clothes
Summary: With the weather turning colder, Urushihara asks Ashiya to buy him clothes more suited for winter. Based off Volume 12.
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Summary: Fluid, warm and soft. The piece of silk snaked around his arm and tightened. A metaphorical description on Lucifer’s relationship with the young Demon King Satan.
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Dinner Topics
Summary: As the residents of Villa Rosa and their usual guests gather for dinner, a nature documentary shown on television leads to further questions and discussions about certain aspects of the lifestyle of demons.
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Unexpected Compassion
Summary: When the demons attacked Saint Aire, Emerada fully believed that everyone would die. But what happened in reality was not what she expected at all. Idea obtained from events in vol 9.
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If I Could Turn Back Time
Summary: Gabriel and Lailah voice their regret about past events to each other. Based on Vol 12 and beyond.
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A Long Time Ago – Battles of the Past
Summary: Stories about some of the battles fought in the Demon World. Inspired by Vol 0
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Give A Chance
Summary: With Ashiya tiring himself out with the huge amount of housework he has to do on top of his other duties, Suzuno comes up with a suggestion. Based on what was mentioned in Vol 15.
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The Archangel, Asking the Fallen Angel for His Thoughts
Summary: With the gathering of the Noa’s Gear and the battle with God approaching, Gabriel pays a visit to Villa Rosa Sasazuka to have a talk with Lucifer. Takes place just before Volume 17 of the novel.
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Angels, Searching for a Place called Home
Summary: With their home planet ravaged by a highly fatal disease, humans have gathered on that planet’s moon, working together to find a cure. A collection of stories about their lives, and how they became angels.
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All is Fair in War
Summary: During the Ente Isla war, humans were thought to be the only victims. However, in an isolated building in the mountains, Emerada and Suzuno were going to find out some truths about the war.
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What Are You?
Summary: Based on the events in Vol 18. After Kinanah wrecks Room 201 of Villa Rosa Sasazuka, Shiba Miki visits Room 201 to fix the damage. Shiba’s presence causes physical changes in Lucifer which shocks Camio.
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New Site!

I decided to migrate from livejournal. The translations which were on livejournal are still here. There might be changes here and there since I’m still new at this, but this will be how the site will basically look like.