Release of Shen Yi Du Fei on Discord

For those who do not know yet, I’ve been translating the sequel of Shen Yi Di Nu for around half a year already. It’s not released on my WordPress because I want to avoid having to take everything down in case this series gets licensed too.

神医毒妃 /Shen Yi Du Fei (Divine Doctor: Poisonous Consort) focuses on Feng Yuheng’s friend from the Bai family who specialises in poison but also knows medical skills because Feng Yuheng taught her before. The Bai family is also an ancient family like the Feng family.

If you would like to read the series, you can join my Discord group Mittens Translations. The invite to the Discord is at the side panel of my site as always.


Release of Shen Yi Di Nu on Babel Novels

I was just informed by Babel Novels that Chapters 1 to 1152 are now on Babel Novels at the following link

Chapters 1 to 30 are free to read, Chapter 31 onward will be paid chapters. They are now contacting websites with English SYDN chapters and asking them to take the chapters down.

For those who have not caught up with the latest chapters, you can read the chapters here. I don’t know how the quality of the future chapters after 1152 will be since I will not take part in those, but please support official releases.

Removal of Shen Yi Di Nu Chapters

As part of the agreement with the licensing company, I have to remove the chapters from my website within 2 weeks. As such, I will start deleting the SYDN chapters, starting from the oldest chapter 1025, from tomorrow onwards.

Thank you everyone for all your support until now. Make sure to join my Discord server for further updates.

Edit: All the chapters and chapter announcements have all been removed from my WordPress now. I will make another announcement when I get informed on the posting of the series on Babel Novels.