Shen Yi Di Nu Popularity Poll

The series is getting licensed and all the chapters have been removed from my website already. But since the story is already 91% done, all of you should have a good idea of which characters you prefer, right?

Just for fun, let’s have a popularity poll for this series! Just fill in the form below ^_^ May the most well liked character win!


10 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Popularity Poll

    1. Yes, Babel Novels uses MTL but they apparently have editors which edit the MTLs before release. I have never read their novels, so I don’t know if their quality is good or not


      1. Thanks. Sorry to ask but why don’t you translate the remaining chapters of shen yi di nu because yesterday I’ve started a novel from Babel site but it was MTL and the translation was not good. So I think shen yi di nu will also suffer. Hope you consider it.


        1. Because I am bound by contract and also copyright law not to translate this series anymore since it’s licensed. I can really get sued by the company if I continue to translate it


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