Removal of Shen Yi Di Nu Chapters

As part of the agreement with the licensing company, I have to remove the chapters from my website within 2 weeks. As such, I will start deleting the SYDN chapters, starting from the oldest chapter 1025, from tomorrow onwards.

Thank you everyone for all your support until now. Make sure to join my Discord server for further updates.

Edit: All the chapters and chapter announcements have all been removed from my WordPress now. I will make another announcement when I get informed on the posting of the series on Babel Novels.


10 thoughts on “Removal of Shen Yi Di Nu Chapters

  1. I went to the Babel website and found no mention of the SYDN release date
    Now it’s waiting for centuries to finish reading the story kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Thank you for your affection for the work, and thank you for everything.


  2. It’s been a year since SYDN was liscensed. There’s still no update from Babel. I wanted to read the rest of the story, like– Heng heng is back!!! She gonna whip ass again 😭 PLEASE, PLEASE, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE ELSE I CAN READ THE REST OF SYDN, PLEASE TELL ME 😭😭 I can’t die without reading the rest of the book 😭😭😭😭


    1. It can’t guarantee anything, but you can try to email Babel Novels to ask them about their plans for this. If you are willing to join my Mittens Translations discord server, you will find some info on those untranslated chapters.


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