Hataraku Maou-sama! Random Poll Question Results

So after the character popularity poll, I did around two more polls on the Discord server. Around 40+ people replied. Seeing that they are more than 1000 members on the server, seeing only 40+ people replying to the polls gives me an idea of how many people actually bother about these random things haha.

Anyway, below are the questions and the results.

What are your Top 5 favourite scenes in Hataraku Maou-sama?
All scenes in the light novel anime and manga count, up until the plot in Volume 16 of the light novel. Top 10 favourite scenes are as follows:

1 Vol 9 Vol 9: Maou and Suzuno talking around the campfire (including the almost love confession and Maou’s confession about his actions) 58
1 Vol 12 Vol 12: Emi hugging Maou 58
2 Vol 8 Vol 8: Lucifer stopping the fireball to save Suzuno and Chiho 31
3 Vol 0-II Vol 0-II: Lucifer and Satan’s conversation when they ran away from the silver arm clan (including the head pat) 30
4 Vol 3 Vol 3: After Alas=Ramus calls Maou and Emi Papa and Mama (including Ashiya fainting) 27
5 Vol 0 Vol 0: Satan and Lucifer’s first meeting 23
6 Vol 13 Vol 13: Rika’s confession and Ashiya’s response 21
7 Vol 1 Vol 1: Maou giving Emi his umbrella 18
8 Vol 16 Vol 16: Emi secretly leaving chocolate for Maou 15
9 Vol 5.5 Vol 5.5: Emi educating Maou on farming while harvesting eggplants 14
10 Vol 4 Vol 4: Maou grabbing Emi by the shoulder and bragging that he has the holy sword 12
10 Vol 7 Vol 7: Maou, Emi and Alas=Ramus’s futon buying trip 12

For the second poll, the question was Which characters in Hataraku Maou-sama! do you want to be your older brother/older sister/younger brother/younger sister? The results are as follows with reasons.

Rank Older Brother Points Reasons
1 Ashiya 22 Able to do housework, reliable and responsible, people are aware he can be naggy
2 Maou 11 Responsible, reliable, would seem like a fun older brother
Rank Younger Brother Points Reasons
1 Lucifer 24 Cute, want to spoil him, fun to tease, able to play games together
2 Maou 9 Able to take care of himself, nice person, able to whack him for stringing girls along
Rank Older Sister Points Reasons
1 Suzuno 13 Can cook, motherly personality, would be able to maintain order in the house
2 Kisaki 11 Dependable, able to get good advice from her
1 Alas=Ramus 11 Really cute, want to see her grow up
2 Acies=Ala 10 Would be a fun younger sister, can cause trouble together

I don’t see how Lucifer can win also overwhelmingly over Maou in the younger brother department XD Is it because most of the people who bother to vote are Lucifer fans?


8 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama! Random Poll Question Results

  1. Hello Mittens. First of all ive got to say thank you for your work. Its been a long time since i first watched hatamaou anime, then i found your blog and your discord group, The rest is history, ive read all the books you translated so far. I must say i took my time to read volume 16, really… I started when you posted it on discord and ive just finished now. I must say it wasnt because it was boring or something like that, not at all, but because i knew that when i finish reading it i would want to read the next one. Sadly volume 17 has been 98% during months :(. I hope you can continúe with your work, thank you very much.


    1. It’s because there is Volume 0-II in between Volume 16 and Volume 17. Volume 0-II was released in February on my WordPress site, but has not been released on Discord server yet. I don’t want to get too ahead of the Discord release, so Volume 17 will probably only be released after Volume 0-II has been released on the Discord server.

      I’m happy you still enjoy Hatamaou though ^_^


  2. Hi mitens, Can you help me? I am new to this site and i’ve just finished reading the manga yet, “The arc where Maou Save Silverfish”. I’m so confused to where i’ll start reading in LN, Would you mind helping me? Im new to your page and yet to know more of this password things…thank you for your hardwork!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Because short stories are scattered throughout the manga, and I do not read the manga, you need to tell me which part of the main story have you read for me to determine where you are in the light novel.


  3. Oh yeah… Do you know the part where emi, maou and alas=ramus buying futon TRIP? After that, maybe…. Cuz I really don’t know if they are short stories or the continuation of MS. Anyways, I’m really grateful that you replied in such a short time! This is what im expectin’ in a hardworking person! Thank You!! (WHAT VOLUME?)


    1. Emi, Maou and Alas=Ramus buying futon trip is also a short story haha. Anyway, I asked around and you’re supposed to start reading from Volume 6 of the light novel. You’re already past the part where Chiho ends up in hospital and they solved the issue already, right? That’s volume 5 of the light novel, so if you’re done with that, you can start from volume 6.


      1. Thanks bro, That did solve my problems a bit haha. But y’know im new to your site and I really don’t know where to read it…. Can you give me a link or something? Don’t worry i’ve followed you so were even xD, Tnx 🙂


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