Hataraku Maou-sama! Popularity Poll

A popularity poll was held on the discord server for Hataraku Maou-sama! ‘s anniversary and the results were released on discord on 10th February.

Basically, people were asked to vote for their top 5 characters in Hatamaou and the 1st ranked will get 5 points, 2nd ranked will get 4 points and so on until the 5th rank which got 1 point. A total of 124 people voted for this.

These are the results of the poll.

1 Emi 349
2 Maou 342
3 Lucifer 229
4 Ashiya 220
5 Suzuno 200
6 Alas=Ramus 162
7 Rika 80
8 Kisaki 57
9 Gabriel 35
9 Chiho 35
11 Sataniel 28
12 Acies 26
13 Amane 16
14 Lailah 15
15 Camio 12
15 Mikitty 12
17 Sariel 11
18 Emeralda 6
19 Adramelech 5
19 Iron 5
21 Ignora 4
22 Keiko 3
23 Maki 2
24 Alberto 1
24 Din Dem Urs 1

Moko (my sister) was also nice enough to draw art for the top five characters to post during the announcement (with pictures of Maou and Emi with and without crowns since their votes were pretty close). The full set is below.

Accounting for all possibilities


5 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama! Popularity Poll

  1. 🙄When will the pdf of vol 17 come out???
    I’m a major fan Of this.. thanx for the translation I couldn’t find the difference between the original and your translations .. they are perfect …
    Can you say the time when you will release the vol 17 as you said you were finished with translation and editing was only left. Thanx …😏


    1. The original refers to the Japanese raw, so if you can tell that there is no difference between the raw and my translations, it means you can read Japanese, so you can just buy Vol 17 in Japanese if you can’t wait.

      There is no timeline for the release of the volumes. Volume 0-II hasn’t finished editing yet, so it’s not like we can start on the editing for Volume 17. My editors and I all have work and school and actual lives to lead.


      1. Oooh I’m saying that the ones translated originally BY yen press are similar to your work I think you misunderstood that… IM saying that the flow in yours and the official are same!!!


        1. Ah okay. But my translations came before Yen Press, so shouldn’t mine be original since mine came first? (I’m just joking lol).

          Either way, Volume 17 won’t start editing until Volume 0-II is fully edited and released on Discord, so you would have to wait for that.


          1. Thanx I am new to this light novel translations…
            I knew that the story was open ended and couldn’t find s2 so on searching process I found you were translating and started reading ..
            I started anime from November 2018..
            So I’m new to this i watched only about 45 series and this was one of my top 2 favourites including re zero…
            Any ways Im explaining toomuch(LoL)
            Thanx for your translations….


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